Saturday, September 16, 2006

A response from the White House

Today, September 16, I received a note from Melissa S. Bennett, Deputy Assistant to the President for Appointments and Scheduling:

Dear Mr. Feuerstein:

Thank you for your letter inviting President Bush to meet with you.

Unfortunately, we have had to make some difficult decisions regarding the President's schedule. It is with sincere regret that we must decline your invitation. I want to assure you, however, that your letter received every consideration. Thank you for your understanding.

The President sincerely appreciates your thoughtfulness in writing and sends his best wishes.

Hmmm. Now that is a little bit odd. Certainly, the President's schedule must be an awesomely complicated and full thing with which to deal. But I set no timeframe for the meeting. Surely he has an open spot or two in, say, February 2007?

Well, I probably didn't make clear enough that I was very flexible as to time and place for a meeting. So I will call Ms. Bennett on Monday to make sure she is fully aware of how easy I want to make setting up this meeting.


Blogger CleverIdea said...

It is natural for you to be reluctant to take a form-letter-looking feedback at its face value as truth - but a reasonable person would need to accept it as such.

Following up and presenting a new face to your request would be a reasonable expectation of subsequent action on your part.

I would expect that the people who DO get to meet the President have to ask again and again for months and years.

I worked for a company that sold estate planning services that typically spent a decade or more calling and meeting with a prospect before making a sale.

So, keep trying and keep trying.

If you were willing to put in effort into this ambitous goal based only on the expectation of success with the minimal amount of persistency that you've expended so far, then you probably don't understand how much hard work and guts it takes to become and be a President much less meet one.

Even though I agree with you very little politically - I'm absolutely behind you and willing to help, counsel and cheerlead in whatever way you ask. I think you are an interesting person that the President would be better for having met, and I suspect vice-versa as well.


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