Monday, November 06, 2006

Finally, I get around to responding to the Bennett letter

I mailed and faxed this letter to the appropriate office of the White House:

Monday, November 06, 2006

Steven Feuerstein
6759 North Maplewood
Chicago IL 60645-4619
Phone: 773 426 9093
Fax: 773 262 8138

Melissa S. Bennett
Deputy Assistant to the President
for Appointments and Scheduling

Dear Ms. Bennett,

In August 2006, I sent a letter to your office requesting a meeting with the President.

On September 11, 2006, you sent me a reply which stated:

Unfortunately, we have had to make some difficult decisions regarding the President's schedule. It is with sincere regret that we must decline your invitation. I want to assure you, however, that your letter received every consideration. Thank you for your understanding.

I find this reply puzzling, and I need some clarification.

In my original letter, I wrote that " I look forward to hearing from your Scheduling Office on a time when I can come to Washington DC or Crawford, or wherever it is most convenient, to meet with you."

In other words, I offered to meet with the President wherever and whenever it was possible to do so.

Given that, it seems to me that what your letter is actually saying is that the President outright refuses to meet with me.

It is hard for me to see how my letter did in fact receive "every consideration" in light of such a blanket rejection. And I just don't understand the basis for this decision.

You mention the President's schedule. Surely, for example, the President still has time in his calendar in, say, March or September 2007, or even in 2008?

I am happy to "wait my turn"; I understand that the President is a busy man, especially now. But even he must still have some slots open for meeting with a citizen of the United States who is actually ready to spend the time and money to come to Washington (or wherever) for a brief conversation.

Thank you for your further consideration in this matter.


Steven Feuerstein

A citizen of the United States


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